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For immediate assistance or pricing: call Don Watson at: 847.767.5794

KGA represents Bebco Industries:

We represent their Enclosures & PIADs division products in the states of Illinois (IL), Iowa (IA), Indiana (IN), and Wisconsin (WI).

Various Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosure Products:
Our Products include: Custom Metal Enclosures, Custom Metal Cabinets and Custom Metal Consoles from carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel, in free standing, wall mount, desk top and pedestal configurations. Also we have: Custom Instrument Access Doors and Device Covers.

We also have purged or pressurized enclosures for instrumentation and electro-pneumatic equipment, including control systems.

PIADs (Purgeable Instrument Access Doors)
Purgeable instrument access doors to protect & cover surface mount annunicators, displays, CRTs & instrumentation sealed instrument display covers, CRT access covers & doors, panel mounted instrument access doors, covers & windows.

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