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KGA represents Bebco Industries:

We represent their environment controls unit division products in the states of Illinois (IL), Iowa (IA), Indiana (IN), and Wisconsin (WI).

Various Environmental Units
Application AC unit on Shelter

Bebco UL Listed Explosion Proof Air Conditioners, Explosion Proof Room and Building HVAC Units, and UL Listed Explosion Proof Room and Building Pressurization and Ventilation Units are built for hazardous classified locations and areas.

Reference Library:
Our most robust model, the Industrial Grade Unit features a totally seal-welded 316 Stainless Steel Housing for the most demanding applications!  New, improved & better suited than ever for the most highly corrosive & hazardous areas you'll confront!


Applications & Requirements:
All of the Air Conditioners, HVAC Units, Pressurization Units and Ventilation Units available in Wall Mount, Roof Mount, Split and Remote configurations, to meet any hazardous area classification requirement in full accordance with Nation Electric Code (NEC) requirements.


The comprehensive accessories include UL listed programmable thermostats for all Explosion Proof Air Conditioners and Explosion Proof HVAC units, and intake stacks, exhaust ducting, gas detection systems and warning nameplates for all Explosion Proof Room and Building Pressurization and Ventilation Units.

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