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KGA Engineering Company, Inc. has been a major rep firm for over 70 years representing major enclosures and associated products. We are current in today's environments of computers.

The "Science of Enclosures" is an expanding venue.
Today we are fortunate to represent companies with many years of experience in the science of enclosures.

In my 30 years of engineering in the controls industry with Allen-Bradley, and 10 years representing Hoffman as KGA, I have learned the importance of enclosures in all types of environments.  Enclosures have many sizes and shapes and can be built by various materials.

KGA can offer custom or standard enclosure solutions for the protection of your equipment and personnel.  KGA understands the classifications of explosive environments, the requirements of regulations, and the many different atmospheres effecting controls and equipment.

Please address your needs to: don@kgaeng.com
Donald L. Watson
President of KGA Engineering Company
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KGA is always moving towards managing the science of enclosures.


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